I am an academic, advocate, and mentor. I’ve studied psychology, sociology, adolescence, feminism and gender, and media studies within and outside of universities for more than twenty years. I have a Master’s degree in Social Science and I stay current with research journals and literature.

I am also an avid consumer of pop culture. I use my fandom to express myself, to build and foster community, and to create connections with my audience.

My research interests are in the portrayal of trauma and mental health in mainstream media and the complexities of narrative therapy in practice.



MA in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Social Sciences, 2019
Continuing studies, 2023-

  • Related Course of Study
    • Adolescent Brain Development
    • Culture and Learning
    • Dynamics of Character
    • Emotions: Motivation and Development
    • Life Span Development
    • Narrative in Fiction and Film
    • Narrative Trends in New Audiences
    • Popular and Literary Fiction
    • Psychopathology and Psychotherapy in Film: Portrayal and Impact
    • Statistics
    • Writing for Television


BA in Theater Arts with a concentration in Dance and Movement,1998
Awarded Honors for performance thesis Reclaiming Pandora
Minor in Feminist Studies


Midsummer in Oxford

Work Experience

  • WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY, 2007-present
    • College of Integrative Sciences (CIS)
    • College of Design and Engineering Studies (CoDES)
    • Inclusion in STEM Initiative
    • Women in Science (WesWIS)


Panel Appearances

  • ConnectiCon 2023 (ConnectiCon)
    • “Teen Girls in Space”
    • “Saving the World Isn’t Therapy: Trauma in Anime”
  • “Neon Genesis: Using Anime in Narrative Therapy”, Anime Boston 2023 (New England Anime Society)
  • “Saving the World Isn’t Therapy: Trauma in Anime”, Anime Boston 2022 (New England Anime Society)
  • Wiscon 45, 2022 (WisCon)
    • “Redemption Panel” (Virtual)
    • “How Do We Use Our Fandoms to Impact the World?” (Virtual)
    • “Female Friendships in Star Trek” (Virtual)
  • The Women Who Built Fandom“, New York Comic Con 2021 (Reed Pop)
  • “Teen Girls in Space”, Rhode Island Comic Con 2019 (Altered Reality Entertainment)
  • Ladies Con 2019 (Ladies of Comicazi)
    • “Fandom Online”
    • “Disneybounding and Beyond!”
  • “Strong Women of Trek”, Respect: Women’s Podcast Festival 2019
  • ConnectiCon 2019 (ConnectiCon)
  • Not Your Manic Pixie Dream Girl“, Awesome Con 2019 (Left Field Media)
  • Gaming and Social Identity: Helping Ourselves, Helping Our Kids” PAX East 2019 (Reed Exhibitions) (mod)
  • Northeast Trek Con 2018 (Northeast Trek Con)
    • “The Evolution of Rom” with Max Grodénchik (mod)
    • “Women and Star Trek” with Nicole deBoer, Leslie Hoffman and Chase Masterson
    • “Toxic Fandom”
  • Cosplay on a Budget“, CumberCon 2018 (Cumberland Public Library)
  • The Herstory of Fandom: What We Lose When We Forget the Past“, Ladies Con 2018 (Ladies Con)
  • Shakespeare and Star Trek” with Mary Chieffo, Star Trek Las Vegas 2018 (Creation Entertainment)
  • WisCon 42, 2018 (WisCon)
    • Star Trek: DISCO (mod)
    • Tasha Yar: Potential Unrealized
    • Bisexual Representation in Film and TV
    • Themes of The Last Jedi
    • The Defenders
  • “Games without Gates”, PAX East 2018 (Reed Exhibitions)
  • “Seeing Past the Screen: Transforming Technology into a Tool for Learning”, Minds in Motion, 2018 (Connecticut Association for the Gifted)
  • “Man as Machine: Androids & Cyborgs in Literature”, Escape Velocity 2017 (Museum of Science Fiction)
  • “The Association between Depression and Trouble Sleeping.”, Wesleyan Summer Research Poster Session 2017 (Wesleyan University)
  • Wiscon 41, 2017 (WisCon)
    • Rebel Scum: Finding Hope in Resistance (mod)
    • HBO’s Westworld—A Spoilerful Panel (mod)
    • Destroy the Myth of the Traditional Family (mod)
    • #inhonorofcarrie: Carrie Fisher and Mental Illness
  • “Gaming with Your Kids”, PAX East 2017 (Reed Exhibitions)
  • “Trek Talks: An Examination of Literature and Star Trek“, Mission New York 2016 (Reed Exhibitions)
  • “Shakespeare and Star Trek”, 50 Year Mission Tour Cherry Hill, 2017 (Creation Entertainment)
  • Wiscon 40, 2016 (WisCon)
    • The Fandom Awakens
    • Why Did We Have To Fight For Rey Star Wars Toys? (mod)
    • Is Rey a Mary Sue? (mod)
  • “Star Trek: Voyager, Twenty Years Later” (mod), Wiscon 39, 2015 (WisCon)
  • “The Carol Corps and the Changing Face of Fandom” Geek Girl Con 2014 (GeekGirlCon)
  • “Ready-to-Wear Fandom Fashion!”, Anime Boston 2014 (New England Anime Society)
  • “Ready-to-Wear Superhero Fashion” Geek Girl Con 2013 (GeekGirlCon)
  • “Follow the White Rabbit”, Wesleyan University 2013 (Alpha Delta Fi Society)

Podcast Appearances

Contributing Author